Mukarram Mukhtar

June 27, 2009

Integration of Quick Books with .NET (Reloaded)

If you want to INSERT new data in Quick Books through a .NET application, this article is written for you, with a solid example of inserting QB Vendor, with lots of code snippets and screen shots. So don’t miss this article and it’s Part 1 too, if you have an assignment as a professional or as a student in your college course. And Yes, don’t forget to get FREE copy of its source code as well.

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October 18, 2008

Integration of QuickBooks with .NET Application:

This article shows how QuickBooks database can be integrated with a .NET application. This topic will certainly not attract a lot many programmers, since this is a very specialized field and very few programmers need to perform such integration. Nonetheless, any programmer who is given such an assignment will direly feel the paucity of help on the topic over the web. The complete application includes very complex concepts and logic, however, to simplify I’ve omitted all the unnecessary complications and presented the solution in its simplest form. To understand this article viewers definitely need at least intermediate-level knowledge in .NET, C# programming, object oriented concepts, multi-tier applications.

September 9, 2008

Technical Articles & Weblogs

Howdy Folks!

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In this website I’ll be posting my technical articles and weblogs mostly. And occasionally, my personal say on some of the issues in the society or world. These articles can be accessed by selecting the web links on the menu at right hand side of this page as well as from the links given under different topics below.

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Please note that since wordpress does not support (or at least I couldn’t find a way of) uploading zip files, I’ll be nice (and handsome) enough to send source files via e-mails to everyone who would request in comments section of an article. So please feel free to ask me if you need source code of any of the following projects.

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