Mukarram Mukhtar

October 18, 2008

Creating Windows Service in .NET

In this article I’ve described how to create a windows service in .NET. The way I’ve written this article, many viewers with .NET background, novice to expert, will find it very helpful. Step-by-step screen shots, code snippets and their line-by-line explanations make the article easy to understand and yet useful for programmers who are in urgent need of some help related to this topic.

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September 9, 2008

Technical Articles & Weblogs

Howdy Folks!

First of all, welcome to my blogs!

In this website I’ll be posting my technical articles and weblogs mostly. And occasionally, my personal say on some of the issues in the society or world. These articles can be accessed by selecting the web links on the menu at right hand side of this page as well as from the links given under different topics below.

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Please note that since wordpress does not support (or at least I couldn’t find a way of) uploading zip files, I’ll be nice (and handsome) enough to send source files via e-mails to everyone who would request in comments section of an article. So please feel free to ask me if you need source code of any of the following projects.

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