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December 21, 2010

Image Enhancement And Contrast Enhancement in JAVA

In this article I’ll explain what is Image Enhancement? What is contrast enhancement? What’s the difference between the two? How to achieve one or the other or both? For simplicity, we’ll operate only on black and white images with gray scale of 0 – 255, and images will only be in pgm format. But if you understand the concept, then it can be expanded and applied on more complex formats as well e.g. RGB or CMYK etc. This article will probably be most useful for students and/or software developers who have to do some image processing work. However, other programmers can also try the code just for the sake of fun, because the results are so interesting and very easy to produce!

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November 9, 2010

How to Implement Single Sign On in .NET

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If you are a .NET developer and have been tasked to implement Single Sign On (SSO) and you have absolutely no idea what the heck Single Sign On is, then this article is right for you. In this article I’ll explain what Single Sign On means; in what scenarios it is useful and how you can implement it in .NET? To make life little easier and to avoid reinventing the wheel, I’ll use SAML protocol and Component Space’s class libraries to implement SSO. Enjoy reading…

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October 1, 2010

How to Draw a Chess Board in JAVA

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This post is for beginner Java developers, if you are one, keep on reading, otherwise you can skip. So if you are up to developing a chess game in Java then this article might give you a little bit head start. In this article you’ll see how easy it is to set the basic UI of a chess application in Java. Not only will you learn how to draw a chess board but also how set pieces and handle their moves. The application I’m posting here is an excerpt of what I made as my semester project. The complete application was made by a team of 4 developers and had some advanced features like playing chess with other players over the internet, chatting and etc. The code of original game will not be available; however you can get help from its mini-version that can be seen by selecting the following link:

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December 8, 2009

Implementation of RSA Cryptosystem in JAVA

In this article I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to implement the most popular asymmetric-key cryptosystem, RSA in Java language. RSA, named after its inventors Rivest, Shamir and Adleman, is basis of many modern encryption protocols e.g. SSL, PGP etc. The detailed explanation of how RSA works is beyond the scope of this article; nonetheless, you’ll find in this article practical implementation of RSA’s encryption and decryption algorithms. Moreover, you’ll also find, in its basic form, implementation of Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding (OAEP), which is an essential part of RSA (Thanks to Ojash Shrestha).

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October 13, 2009

How to Share Master Page Among Different .NET Web Applications

If you want to create a Master page so that two or more web applications can share it, then this blog is written exactly for you. In this blog I’ll demonstrate how you can create a Master page and share it among different .NET web applications in such a way that every time you make any change in the Master page, either in HTML or in server side script, all the web applications sharing it, start reflecting those changes either automatically or with minimal tweeking e.g. updating references or dlls etc.

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June 27, 2009

Integration of Quick Books with .NET (Reloaded)

If you want to INSERT new data in Quick Books through a .NET application, this article is written for you, with a solid example of inserting QB Vendor, with lots of code snippets and screen shots. So don’t miss this article and it’s Part 1 too, if you have an assignment as a professional or as a student in your college course. And Yes, don’t forget to get FREE copy of its source code as well.

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February 22, 2009

Error Handling in .NET

Target readers of this article are mostly novice and some intermediate level .NET programmers who want to learn some techniques on exception handling in .NET web applications, with minimal coding yet in an effective and robust way. We cannot stop, no matter how guru programmers we are, unexpected errors to occur in our applications, period! What we can do, however, is to make our applications behave gracefully when such errors occur.

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October 18, 2008

Creating Windows Service in .NET

In this article I’ve described how to create a windows service in .NET. The way I’ve written this article, many viewers with .NET background, novice to expert, will find it very helpful. Step-by-step screen shots, code snippets and their line-by-line explanations make the article easy to understand and yet useful for programmers who are in urgent need of some help related to this topic.

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Integration of QuickBooks with .NET Application:

This article shows how QuickBooks database can be integrated with a .NET application. This topic will certainly not attract a lot many programmers, since this is a very specialized field and very few programmers need to perform such integration. Nonetheless, any programmer who is given such an assignment will direly feel the paucity of help on the topic over the web. The complete application includes very complex concepts and logic, however, to simplify I’ve omitted all the unnecessary complications and presented the solution in its simplest form. To understand this article viewers definitely need at least intermediate-level knowledge in .NET, C# programming, object oriented concepts, multi-tier applications.

How to Make a Phone Call with .NET Application

 To all my fellow programmers who want to impress their team leads/project managers/clients; now you can easily do so by giving them a Dial-2-Phone functionality in your .NET applications. Here is an article for you that will stun you and whosoever you want to impress. Adding this functionality in your .NET application will cost you nothing; nevertheless, it will give you a very strong position to negotiate on a salary raise or at least a bonus J.


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