Mukarram Mukhtar

July 27, 2009

Pay Word Press To Stop Ads Coming on Your Blogs!

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An Open Letter to Word Press, on adding Google Ads on blogs without bloggers’ consent.

March 24, 2009

Fraud of Shopper Discounts & Rewards aka WebLoyalty, Inc.

I recently saw a charge worth $12.00 from Shopper Discounts & Rewards on my credit card. At first I neglected it, but fortuitously I noticed that the same charge is coming on my statement every month. Since the amount was not too much, it could never catch my sight. I called my bank and came to know that Shopper Discounts has been charging me for last 7 months. On further investigation and search on internet I found out that I was not the only one. There are zillions of other victim customers just like me, who were charged by this devil company.

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