Mukarram Mukhtar

June 27, 2009

Integration of Quick Books with .NET (Reloaded)

If you want to INSERT new data in Quick Books through a .NET application, this article is written for you, with a solid example of inserting QB Vendor, with lots of code snippets and screen shots. So don’t miss this article and it’s Part 1 too, if you have an assignment as a professional or as a student in your college course. And Yes, don’t forget to get FREE copy of its source code as well.

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June 17, 2009

How to Apply Security in .NET Web Applications

This article is again for novice and intermediate level .NET programmers. In the article I’ll demonstrate, how programmers can implement security settings on their .NET web applications with minimal programming effort. The article is divided in two parts; part one deals with applying security on an intranet web application i.e., the one that runs on a local network and only authorized network users can access the application through LAN, WAN or VPN. Part two shows how to apply security on an internet web application i.e. the one which is globally available for users from all over the world. Click the following links and let’s see more details.

• For more info on security on intranet  web applications, click here

• For more info on security on internet  web applications, click here

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